Family Genealogies

The following surnames are each the subject of one or more books in the Historical Society Museum or in the Monroe County Public Library. An asterisk is used to indicate names that only occur in the library. Most of these books are informal publications by family members, and many of the details may be found online. Only the surname that is the main subject is listed here, while dozens or even hundreds of names may be covered in each book, due to intermarriage. Be aware that spelling was often free form in early documents and there is no attempt here to list spelling variants of a single surname.

If you cannot visit Monroe County to view these books, our local researchers may be able to help.

Alderson, Alexander, Allen*, Arbuckle*

Ballard, Balls, Basham, Bean, Beirne, Belcher, Bland, Blanton, Bobbitt, Booth*, Bowyer, Boyd, Bradley*, Bragg*, Broyles, Brummage, Bryson, Burdett*, Burgess*, Burns, Byrnside

Callaway*, Canterbury*, Caperton, Carlisle, Chambers, Clark*, Comer, Compton*, Cook, Covey, Crawford*, Cresaps, Crosier, Crow*, Curry*

Dickson, Dunlap, Dunn

Eads*, Echols, Eddy*, Elkins*, Ellis, Eppling* Erskine, Ervine*, Evans*

Faulkonier, Fisher*, Frazier*, Furrow*

Giannini*, Givens, Graham, Green, Griffith

Hall*, Halstead, Handley, Harper, Haynes*, Hinchman. Honaker, Hopkins, Houchins, Houston, Humphreys, Hutchinson

Jackson*, Jameson, Jarrell, Johnson, Jones*

Keller, Kershner*, Kessel, Kincaid* Koiner, Kounse*

Lamont, Lemon, Lewis, Litzler*, Lively, livesay, Loudermilk

MacBean*, Maiden*, Mann, Martin, McNeel, Meador, Meadows, Meredith, Montgomery, Musick

Neel, Nichols*, Nickell

Parker*, Peck, Pence*, Peters, Poage, Porterfield

Ramsey, Ratliff*, Rich, Ridgeway, Ripley

Sams*, Savage*, Shiflet*, Shumate, Simmons, Skaggs, Smith*, Spangler, Stickler, Stiff, Strickler

Talbot, Thompson, Traill, Tugwell*

Vass, Vermillion

Wallace, Walker*, Weaver, Weikle, Wickline, Williams*, Wylie*

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